Removing Algae from aquarium using Flourish Excel

Did you know that Flourish Excel works as an algicide? Although its intended purpose is to give an alternative source of carbon to plants instead of CO2, it is effective in killing most kinds of algae in your aquarium.

I’ve had success with Flourish Excel with black beard algae (BBA) and green spot algae.

How to use Flourish Excel to kill algae

  1. Start by following the instructions on the bottle.
  2. If you have no sensitive fish or invertebrates, you can try slightly increasing the dosage slowly.
  3. Algae will start to die away, and you will notice results in a couple of days. This does not work as fast as hydrogen peroxide, be a little patient before trying to increase the dosage.

Things to Look Out For

  • In high concentrations, this product is likely harmful to fish, animals, and humans.
  • Read all the instructions and warnings on the label.
  • Although the bottle claims that it is safe for invertebrates, I’ve had negative experiences with ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp when dosing Excel.

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